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Ken’s Custom Jump Cue

Butterfly 2-Point 2-Veneer Red-Blue Rosewood-Point Jump Cue
Black Phenolic Butt
Rubber Bumper
White Joint Collar
2 Veneers – Red and Blue
Owner: Ken Jennings

Andy Wyatt Custom Cue

Rosewood on Forearm and Butt Sleeve
Rosewood Joint Collar
Black Phenolic Butt Cap
Biswell Custom 2016 Handcrafted Ring Set
Owner: Andy Wyatt
Built On: September 13, 2016

Old School Cue 2

4 Points with Rosewood
Ebony Butt Sleeve
4 Veneers – Black, Orange, Aqua, and Natural
Steel Joint with 5/16 14 Pin
Black Phenolic Butt Cap
Elephant Print Leather Wrap
Double Aluminum Ring at A, C, and D Joints
For Sale!

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